Web3 | MakerFi

At the turn of the century, a little over 20 years ago, no one could have anticipated the vast impact and pervasiveness that the Internet, and technology, has on our lives.

image of computer codes

Today, life is unimaginable without it.

We believe that blockchain technology is the next iteration of this inexorable technology wave.

At this point in time, blockchain and the associated technologies (collectively known as “Web3”) are still at a nascent stage. Supporting infrastructure is still being built; technologies are competing to gain market adoption; people are still finding day-to-day uses cases for this emerging technological progress. This is a similar picture for the Internet in the late 1990s.

What is different is that changes are being accelerated, new innovations are being created (and discarded) at a pace never seen before.

A global digital economy is made possible through the ubiquituous adoption of the Internet. A burgeoning class of digital natives is leveraging on this to make their living almost exclusively through the Internet.

We aim to make an impact by utilising Web3 technologies for these folks through MakerFi. MakerFi makes it easy for users not familiar with crypto wallets to handle digital assets.

To this end, we have a plan to launch our own token (MFI tokens) to attract value to the platform and the makers who are with us. We envision MFI tokens to accrue value in the following ways:

Introduce premium features on MakerFi that are accessible to MFI token holders or require to be paid with MFI.

Take a percentage of earnings to go toward buying back of MFI tokens to be burnt.

We will share how the economics of the token (“tokenomics”) work as we get closer to launch.